ND Lead Screening Kit Sampling Videos

How to collect dust, paint, soil, water, and pet fur samples

Dust samples:  2019 kit


Paint samples:  2019 kit


Soil samples:  2019 kit


Water samples:  2019

South Bend city water does not have hazardous levels of lead when it leaves the water plant, but lead can dissolve into the water from home plumbing.  We have the best chance of detecting that lead if the water sits in the pipes all night and you collect a "first draw" water sample in the morning.  Open the collection tube, place it under the faucet, and fill it about halfway full of water.  Put the cap back on tightly and label the tube with your name, address, and the location of the faucet (eg, kitchen sink cold water). 

Or, you can ask the City of South Bend to analyze your water, as described in the video below.



Dsc02726Ready to collect some dust samples?

Pet hair:  2019

Our furry friends are like living dust mops, and they ingest a lot of dust by licking their fur.  We can check to see whether your pet is picking up a lot of lead on its fur.  Collect about a tablespoon full of packed fur by combing or brushing your pet, and put it into a clean plastic baggie.  Label the baggie with your name, your address, your pet's name and type (cat/dog), and whether the pet goes outdoors or is mainly an indoors pet.