Water Screening

How to Screen Your Water for Lead

Location: Kitchen or Bathroom Sink

  1. Fill 2L bottle with water from a sink that has not been turned on for 8-10 hours
  2. Screw provided cap onto the 2L bottle
  3. Flip the bottle over to let the water drain out of the bottle
  4. Poke a small hole in the bottle with a pin so air can flow in as water drains out
  5. Do not squeeze the bottle to make water drain faster. Let it drain by itself for best results. This process may take more than 5 minutes.
  6. Place cap back into the bag and place the sample back in the kit.
  7. Record which sink the water was taken from on the form and move to the next sample.
Illustration Showing Test Cap And 2 Liter Bottle Held Upsidedown Over Sink