Lead Screening Kits

The Notre Dame Lead Innovation Team (ND LIT), formed in 2016 with the intent of working with the community members, community organizations, and the government to provide citizens with the knowledge and skills to help address this issue together. Environmental lead is an issue that will not be eliminated. It is important for all members of the community to assess their risk and live lead safe.

Lead in St. Joseph County

Learn more about lead in the Saint Joseph County Community. As a community we can work to be a lead safe community.


ND LIT always has multiple projects going on in our community. These projects may be able to help you or your friends/family live lead safe. If you would like to see what projects we are working on, please click the link below.

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Tackling lead in St. Joseph County is a community wide issue that requires strong leadership and community partnerships. ND-LIT partners with numerous organizations who are committed to improving the health of both people and environment, as well as being leaders in their field.

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