Lead Sample Collection Kit Research

Notre Dame Lead Innovation Team (ND LIT) is developing a Lead Sample Collection Kit to help families identify potential lead hazards in their home environment. For decades, our society has taken a back-seat approach, and relied on the results from lead testing of children’s blood before identifying sources of environmental lead. We propose a new paradigm; we propose the development of a Lead Sample Collection Kit to screen home environments for lead directly. This paradigm will utilize a citizen science approach, which gets citizens involved in the prevention and identification of lead sources in their homes while also contributing to the overall understanding of lead in our community. This type of screening allows families to easily and quickly collect samples from the most common sources of lead. Our goal is to develop a reliable, low-cost Lead Sample Collection Kit so that families will no longer have to rely on their child’s/children’s blood lead test before taking preventive measures, and finding lead in their home. Through citizen science and a Lead Sample Collection Kit, this approach will put families in the driver seat of prevention, knowledge and action.


UnnamedPicture of Lead Sample Collection Kit Prototype!