Automation of XRF Analysis

ND LIT is currently in the process of automating the analysis system. Currently, each sample has to be set ontop of the XRF analyzer and data is input manually. Each kit is also photographed before it is analyzed to ensure that the results from each kit make it back to the right person. If the process goes smoothly, each kit currently takes anywhere from 6-10 minutes. ND LIT's goal is to create a system in which that time is reduced and involves less human interaction with set up. 

ND LIT is working alongside a group of engineering students here at the University of Notre Dame to streamline this process. A variety of different technological solutions are being explored to cut down the time required for each sample to be tested. Some of these options include using a conveyer belt and a mounted camera to take the pictures. While there are many options being explored, we hope to see the analysis process streamlined by Fall of 2018.