Protecting Your Family from Lead

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  • Children and adults should take their shoes off before entering the home
  • Wash hands frequently especially before eating
  • Wet dust surfaces once a week with wet paper towels, cloths, microfiber cloths etc.
  • Cover exposed leaded soil with mulch, grass, or gravel
  • Paint over peeling or chipping paint

EPA suggestions on habits for lead mitigation


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Lead can also be found in soil from chipping paint and leaded gasoline. There are some things that can be done such as planting grass, spreading mulch or gravel on bare soil, use raised beds for gardening, cover sand boxes and other soil play areas, and encourage children to play on covered surfaces.

More information on soil contamination


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If your home was built before 1978 there is probably lead in the paint. Chipping or peeling paint can be dangerous to children. To reduce the risk for children when you are removing leaded paint it is important to have it removed by a lead certified contractor. You can also paint over any leaded chipping paint with a lead paint sealer. 

EPA lead renovation repair and painting program


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Cracking and peeling paint can create leaded dust particles which can't be seen and cause children to ingest it. To help reduce this risk you should wet dust using wet paper towels, wet rags, microfiber cloths etc. once a week to clean up leaded dust. Be sure to clean around windows, play areas, floors, and wash hands and toys often with soap and water.

EPA suggestions for mitigation lead dust