Lead Sample Collection Kits

We have completed two rounds of testing for the Lead Sample Collection Kits.  In winter of 2017, students at Adams HS used our version 1 kit to test 325 homes. This experiment showed that citizen science is a viable way to test large numbers of homes.   In the summer of 2018, we tested the version 2 kit in 47 homes, while also testing the lead levels with conventional procedures.  This experiment showed that the results from the kits are similar to the results from conventional testing. However, the kits are much easier to scale up to test large numbers of homes.  Our third phase of testing is getting under way and we will begin piloting the version 3 kit in November 2018.  

Rendering of version 3 kit shows box with tray for 8 samples.Version 3 home lead test kit design (designed by Shreejan Shrestha)

The Lead Sample Collection Kits provides supplies to collect paint chips, house dust, and soil from in or near a residence.  The samples are then returned to our lab for analysis with an automated X-ray fluorimeter.  The test results are placed into a report  that explains the meaning of the lead levels from the different locations sampled. The report provides information on steps to take to prevent lead exposure.


If there is ever any confusion using you kit or understanding the results of your kit, please reach out to us and ask us your questions;  you can email our team at lead@nd.edu