About Us

The Notre Dame Lead Innovation Team (ND LIT), formed after the alarming Reuters report about lead exposure in South Bend in late 2016. ND LIT formed after individuals on campus began meeting due to their combined interest in lead. Each team member brings a different background and skill set to the team which in turn gives the group a variety of ideas to act upon.

ND LIT strives to work with the community members, community organizations, and the government to provide citizens with the knowledge and skills to help solve this issue together. Environmental lead is an issue that will not be eliminated. It is important for all members of the community to work together in order to control lead.


  1. Increasing the Blood Lead Testing Rate in Saint Joseph County
  2. Creation of a Proactive Lead Sample Collection Kit

Dsc 0564 1xAssistant Professor Ahern and Dr. Beidinger with Andre Stoner and Kathy Schuth of the Near Northwest Neighborhood